Welcome! My name is Oksana & I am grateful that you took the time to look at my site and click on this page.

Since you are visiting my site you are likely looking for a photographer and wondering if we are a good fit and what I can offer you. I hope this introduction page will shed some light into my personality and the work that I do to help you make a better decision. 

It all started in college when I minored in photography. My major was psychology and I actually wanted to be a neuroscientist. I know, totally unrelated. While I was focusing on my psychology degree, photography always beckoned me back and I was constantly taking photos of my friends. This hobby quickly grew into a portrait business and by the time I graduated college with a psychology degree I had a thriving portrait business in New York City. 

I was happy with what I was doing and loved working with my clients but life always throws curve balls at you. After I got married, had my first child & moved to suburbs I decided to become a full-time mom and take a break from working. 

But if you are a naturally creative person it's really hard to shut that part off, so just for fun I would pick up my camera and try to take pictures of my toddlers. But the minute they would see my DSLR camera they would run away and I would spend ridiculous amounts of time chasing after them trying to get a good shot. So I knew children photography was not for me. 

What's a creative girl with 2 toddlers & a camera to do? Well, take pictures of food of course. While my kids did not always appreciate gourmet meals I tried to make my instagram friends always did. And that is when the love for food photography was born. What started as another hobby became a business and allowed me to have a creative outlet and work with many amazing people and brands. 

While I truly love food photography but I also have passion for helping entrepreneurs and small business owners grow their businesses through personal branding photography. I love capturing their essence through my lens. Every client is unique and has her story to tell. We work together to bring your best authentic self and create images that make you look professional yet personable. 

Since 2012 I have been creating images for brands, bloggers, influencers and small businesses. I have seen many of them blossom and that is the best part of my job. 

Thank you sticking around and reading my profile, I know how valuable your time is! If you want to find out more about serviced I provide scroll down. You can also email me with questions at oksanapali@gmail.com or via my contact page. 

Branding Photography

Do you want to look more professional yet authentic self? Do you want your potential clients to see you as an expert in your field? Contact me to see how we can elevate your personal branding images to reflect your personality and your unique qualities.  

Food Photography

Do you need mouthwatering images for your website, magazine or a facebook page? We can collaborate on your desired aesthetics of the image and create stunning images that will attract your ideal audience.

Social Media Photography

Do you have a brand and trying to stand out and reach your ideal customer with beautiful imagery? We all now that in order to be successful one now has no choice but to be present on social media. But that is not enough, you also need to show up regularly and engage. As if running a business and engaging is not enough you need to provide imagery that will look professional and consistent. Who has time for that? That is where I come to the rescue! 

I can help you by taking the photography part of your hands. We discuss your needs and desired esthetics, create a mood board and I will create custom images for you on a monthly basis. 

Not sure about custom photography but want to elevate your brand to another level? 

I offer premium stock photography at palistockphoto.com where you can find hundreds of styles images that have similar aesthetic and more are added every month. 

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