I started working with Maryann a few years ago when she was building a website for her permanent make up business. Back then I mostly did portraits and specialized branding photography didn't really exist the way we know it now. She needed headshots and we created beautiful portraits for her. As her business evolved she needed more images and each time I wanted to bring more and more of her personality into our photo sessions. She is a talented artist and loves to paint, something she has been doing her whole life. 

Permanent makeup is a form of artistry so when I mentioned to her that we should incorporate that into her upcoming branding mini session she loved the idea. It was so much fun to photograph her in her element. Yes, she is a business woman but we covered those looks in previous photo shots. Here I wanted her radiant smile to shine and to show her among her creation in her beautiful studio among easels, paint and brushes. It was wonderful to step into her creative world and capture a glimpse of what makes her happy through my lens. 

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