"Oksana is incredibly talented! We have been working together for four years and I am always happy with the end result. Her photography and styling skills are very well developed and she is always extremely professional. Oksana has a beautiful soul that makes working with her such a pleasure!"

Certified Health Coach
Founder & Creator, Healthy with Nedi  
website: healthywithnedi.com Instagram: @healthywithnedi

"My website and promo materials were BEGGING to be updated so I visited the photography genius Oksana Pali. She is a perfectionist with SUCH TALENT! If you live near NY/NJ area and are looking for branding photography or headshots she is a dream to work with."

Carly Walko 

Website: thirtysomethingfashion.com

Instagram: @carlywalko

"Anyone looking for professional or corporate photos go to branding expert Oksana Pali! She is the most amazing person to work with. She really cares about her craft and her clients...and her talent is INFINITE!"

Maryann Langer

Instagram: @beautythroughtechnology

"I feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to work with an incredibly talented photographer like Oksana Pali! I absolutely love and adore your work, you're so talented! I always feel at ease in front of your camera because you are an expert at posing people & I know you will make me look my best. 

If you are ever looking to elevate your brand (or get gorgeous portraits of yourself) this is the woman you need to meet. She is incredible behind the camera."


Website: LovePaperPen.com Instagram: @lovepaperpen

Dear Oksana,

It was such a pleasure working with you. I had an amazing experience. You are full of enthusiasm and positive energy and it radiates through your photos. I thank you for your time, patience and your great attention to details. I absolutely love my photos and with them I have the confidence to branch out more, especially online! I look forward to working with you again soon.

My Best,

Tracey Duffy 

 "This photo makes me feel proud! Thank you Oksana for capturing how I feel inside on the outside!! You are amazing at what you do!"

Janine Benjamine

Instagram: @janinebenjamin_beauty

"I am OBSESSED with this particular series of photos from my branding shoot the other day because Oksana captured who I am at my core: 

Rocker of messy-buns and overly dramatic expressions - geeking out on my laptop that's stacked on top of a few of beauty and style bibles (oh, hay! Christie Brinkley)- not taking myself (or life) too seriously...just chasing dreams and sipping on my kryptonite - coffee. 

1000% on brand

This is why I've been gushing about working with Oksana again. She puts my nerves at ease with her amazing direction and also gives me freedom to be myself - and in the end? BOOM! We have a great mix of polished, professional shot and fun shots that all feel uniquely me."

Corine Ingrassia

Website: everydaycori.com Instagram: @everydaycori

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